Amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we’ve all had to adapt.  Plastic Tides was founded around the novel approach of fighting plastic pollution through adventure SUP and their motto “Stand Up Against Pollution”.

Their first expedition brought them to Bermuda in the North Atlantic Gyre where they circumnavigated the island studying the effects of ocean plastics and created engaging content to inspire and educate the local youth.  Today, as they continue to empower the next generation through their Global Youth Mentorship (GYM) program, expeditions remain at the core of their identity. Right now, we’re are here to launch The Global Rising Tide Relay.

After finally cancelling the last of their summer trips due to COVID-19, they took time to reflect on their new direction and global circumstances.

“Maybe we didn’t need to abandon expeditioning this year, but could instead bring together a global community for the biggest one yet.” – Plastic Tides.

You’re invited to join them to circumnavigate the globe together, paddling in our respective home waters, but for global impact. Alongside our friends at Starboard the Global Rising Tide Relay is setting out to paddle 25,000 miles around this beautiful planet to support the work of 100 youth leaders towards a clean and bright future. 

Are you with us?

Plastic Tides Global Rising Tide Relay: Paddle With Us!

How do you participate in the relay?

Participating in the relay is easy. Simply head over to Global Rising Tide Relay to learn more.

  1. Pledge to paddle
  2. Pledge your support to Youth Leaders
  3. Post a photo of your paddle
  4. Challenge your friends to take the paddle pledge

So what is GYM?

The Global Youth Mentorship program (GYM) connects motivated Youth Leaders grades 6-12 with adult mentors who guide them through projects to address plastic pollution and climate change, upstream, in their school or community. Projects are quantifiable and enduring. They range from replacing single-use plastic utensils in cafeterias to planting regenerative landscapes like school orchards.

How does the relay support GYM?

GYM Youth Leaders and Mentors already represent over 15 countries and counting. With your support, Plastic Tides can continue to build their team to better support their mentors and Youth Leaders. Broadening the range of change-based projects. Funding will be used to support these projects in the form of microgrants, allowing Youth Leaders to develop campaign materials to share with their local communities, create custom refillable water bottles to drive their town to embrace the refill revolution, and so much more.

Environmentally supporting the Global Rising Tide Relay is Starboard. The SUP and Windsurf brand has many projects they are consistently working on to limit their impact to the environment, as well as influencing others to make changes for the better too! One of these being, for every paddleboard produced, they plant one mangrove! In light of the Global Rising Tide Relay aiming to gather at least 5000 participants, Starboard is aiming to reach each and every one of you when it comes to making more people think about the planet. To help this, Starboard has agreed to plant 5000 mangrove trees, being one mangrove tree per expected person to sign up. 

Plastic Tides Global Rising Tide Relay

Why is this?

Well, a mangrove tree will absorb one tonne of CO2 within its first 20 years of life. After this, the tree will keep absorbing and keep acting as a natural sea defence against strong waves and impactful weather. Not only that, but it will also continue to help biodiversity to thrive in the mangrove park, where baby fish can have a safe nursing area, birds and elephants can also live free and safe! 

Where are the mangroves planted and how do we find out more?

Starboard has a great relationship with Worldview International Foundation and plants all their mangroves through the “Verified Carbon Standard” certified mangrove parks in Myanmar. Ensuring the survival of the mangroves and to secure, sustainable and high quality of life for those who are in the local community of the mangroves.

Read more about Starboards Environmental Projects here


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