Mangata Adventure is a local (micro) adventure company based in the land-locked city of Tongeren, in Belgium. The town and the area around it has no connection to the sea or the oceans and the rivers are barely known for an adventure. Starboard Ocean Ambassador Wym PyI launched Mangata Adventure with the sole mission of connecting ‘land people’ with the beautiful blue.

But how can we connect people with something unknown to them? And how can they help to protect it? 

Step 1: Make Adventure Possible

Wim has always been a self proclaimed explorer who really appreciates the stunning environment around him. Through his local adventures and expeditions, he has explored almost every corner of Tongeren. Surprising people and Inspiring curiosity when he is spotted walking down the main shopping street, paddleboard in hand.

Some of Wim’s adventures have been a bit crazy and not suitable to be included as part of Mangata Adventure, but they will live on as some of the best campfire stories. On the other hand, many have been the most stunning experiences, perfectly doable for a beginner or sometimes the more advanced paddler. With the careful development of regulation documents and safety measures, these new local adventures are now ready for the public to enjoy.

Wym Pyl Preparing To Set Off On His SUP For Another Local Mangata Adventure
Wym Pyl Preparing To Set Off On His SUP For Another Local Mangata Adventure

Step 2: Get Everyone Outdoors

Thanks to Mangata Adventures, Tongeren is now a place where anyone can experience adventure on local waters. People can explore the rivers and enjoy the beauty of it. Getting people outdoors is an important step to helping them become connected to nature. And Mangata Adventures allows them to experience the outdoors in a fun and exciting way. Slowly but surely local people are following in Wim’s footsteps and a community of outdoor and water lovers is creating itself.  

Paddleboarder connecting with nature in Tongeren
There Aren’t Many Better Ways To Enjoy The Outdoors Than On A SUP (But We Might Be A Little Biased)

Step 3: Tell Stories & Educate

During any Mangata adventure or expedition there is always time to tell stories and educate people. How did that turtle get here? Look at that plastic garbage, how can we prevent this? What kind of fish is this? Encourage people to ask questions, and to discuss the answers.

When we learn new things in a fun, memorable and relevant setting we are more likely to pass on our stories to friends and family. Sharing our love for nature and our enthusiasm for what we have learnt to help educate others.

There is still a lot of work to do but it is moving in the right direction. More individuals and organisations are joining the community, connecting with nature and eventually this will translate into a really positive impact on our rivers and sea.

It’s all about what you love. If you love something, you will protect it.

Mangata Adventurer Carry's a Starboard SUP towards the river
Time To Enjoy, Love And Protect Our Oceans, Even From Afar!

Find our more about Mangata Adventures by following their explorations on Facebook and Instagram.


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