World Clean-Up Day is on the horizon! Many of us clean up daily, weekly, or monthly. This year is once again a day for us to come together for a breadth of action across the world, for a mass clean up, wherever you are!

World Clean-Up Day can be actioned anywhere! On the land where the majority of us live, plastics are being used. Single-use or not, a lot of this ends up travelling across the land. Whether it’s blown out of bins, transport, or hands, and then into the riverways. It all ends up in the ocean.

Starboard Environmental Project Coordinator, Thip has been running the Trash Hero Bangkok clean-ups each possible week in the last 12 months. All the Trash Hero Bangkok cleanups have collected a huge total of 18,660 kg of waste! 

This waste has been found on the land around areas where people live and work, very close to and even the on waterways! It is clear to see that they have incepted a huge amount of waste. Has this inspired you? Why not head out to join World Cleanup Day for a litter pick around the areas near your home!

Untangling Nature This World Cleanup Day

If waste is not intercepted before the waterways it can get tangled up in nature. London SUP Co and London Active 360 have been doing an awesome job of removing the plastic bags, buckets, and all sorts of other items from the trees and river banks in London! Make sure you tag us in any SUP clean-ups on September 19th! 

De-netting The Sea This World Clean-Up Day

Looking at the waste that comes in from those who may live or work in the Ocean. On the expeditions of our Ocean Ambassador Cal Major and her team, have gone to great efforts to remove the ghost fishing nets found on the beaches in the Maldives during her Stand Up For Our Sea’s Expedition where she also worked with the Olive Ridley Project, removing nets to help save turtles lives!

Then heading over to our Plastic Offset Program team in Thailand, they are out every day removing 1.1 kg of plastic waste for every board sold. This also includes so many fishing nets, accounting for at least 10% of the whole waste they remove from the beaches. When you next hop onto your Starboard board why not see if you can collect 1.1 kg of plastic waste too! 

Luckily, the nets from our POP project are recycled thanks to the Environmental Justice Foundation, who are able to transform these nets into things such as surfboard fins and the handy push stick. More about the details process can be read here.

Findings Of Single Use Face Masks Will Sadly Increase

This year we are seeing the effects of human impact fast than ever. With the amount of single-use face masks and gloves reaching our roadsides, waterways, and in general nature. Together we can act to influence others that we see this issue and are acting for change!

We are really excited to see what you are getting up to for World Clean-Up Day! Starboard is organising a Trash Hero Clean-up! If you are nearby then please join us. More details can be found on our Trash Hero Bangkok Facebook page. Remember that all clean-ups will have to be conducted in alignment with the guidelines of contact in your local country! Please always be safe, and aware of your surroundings. Wear gloves, a mask, and wash your hands and clothes thoroughly after a cleanup!


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