Love Your Ocean Bottle – Sonni Hönscheid X MIZU Collaboration

Feb 26, 2019 | BY Chris Couve

Together for a good cause – six-time SUP World Champion Sonni Hönscheid designed the charity Love Your Ocean Bottle in collaboration with MIZU.


Starboard Blue Love Your Ocean Collaboration Bottle with MIZU x Sonni Hoenscheid Anne Kaiser Photography
Love Your Ocean Bottle | Picture by Anne Kaiser Photography


The love for water

Enjoy the journey – leave nothing behind! This slogan unites. Jussi Oksanen founded Mizu with the intention of reducing the use of plastics. While snowboarding he is confronted with left behind single-use plastic bottles – Sonni experiences this careless behaviour with trash, too. Sometimes she sees more rubbish than fish while paddling. This unique project originates from the united passion and love for nature. “We have the same vision – to get societies attention and sensitize them to live a more sustainable life.”


The SUP World Champion and artist painted this colourful artwork on Maui, inspired by the beauty and diversity of the ocean and its inhabitants.


Starboard Blue Love Your Ocean Collaboration Bottle with MIZU x Sonni Hoenscheid Sonni Hönscheid by Ben Thouard
Starboard Dream Team rider Sonni Hönscheid with her signature Tikhine Artwork featured on the GO & iGO lines | Picture by Ben Thouard| Location: Tahiti


Supported by like-minded brands: Sonni’s board partner Starboard and the organization Brands for Good, who presents sustainable products and social projects within the sports industry, support this charity project which intends to change consumer behaviour and grow awareness for more sustainable use of single-use plastics and a more responsible manner towards our environment.


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Love Your Ocean Bottle

The “Love Your Ocean“ bottles are exclusively available at the online store:


All profits of the sale go to the Swiss non-profit organization Trash Hero World. The Trash Hero movement was founded in 2013 in Thailand with the mission to bring communities together to clean and reduce waste. Trash Hero also finds its drive working towards a world without trash.


Particularly encouraging is their approach to not only educate adults and communities but also their engagement to teach children about trash in a playful manner. Children learn at an early stage what impact that trash has on the environment and how they can reduce the amount of waste being produced in the future. Volunteers organize local clean-ups and pass on their knowledge to communities at more than 100 places worldwide.


Starboard Blue Love Your Ocean Collaboration Bottle with MIZU x Sonni Hoenscheid Trash Hero


Be the Change!

Everyone can be part of it, everyone can be a Trash Hero! Reusable water bottles and coffee mugs instead of single-use cups and bottles. Reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags. There are a lot of small steps to protect our playground – the earth – long-term! “Just start NOW. Pick up cigarette butts, bend down at the beach to pick up that plastic bottle left behind, avoid plastic bags when shopping. You don’t have to lose your head, everything counts, everyone can make a change”, engages the German pro. Everyone can contribute, together we can make a difference.




Enjoy the Journey – leave nothing behind!


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