Istrian SUP Challenge: Save The Dolphins

May 17, 2019 | BY Tasmin Chilcott

A mission to save the dolphins!

This weekend Starboards Ocean Ambassadors from Germany, Manuel, and Mario Stecher and team members Andy Dressler, Arnd Dünzinger and Peter Baricevic have one mission, to save the dolphins.


 Istrian SUP Challenge Team Paddling


Istrian SUP Challenge Route


The team will be embarking on huge 500+ km paddle in the Adriatic Sea around Istria, Croatia. The epic challenge will take the Stand Up Paddleboarding team 5 to 6 days to complete.


The Dolphins

300,000 dolphins and whales are unintentionally caught in fishing nets. This, unfortunately, sometimes results in death. It seems like a lot of odds are against these mammals; overfishing, marine pollution and even swimming with them are some of the threats. It is clear to see that more awareness and action is needed to be taken to help save their species and to protect the environment they need to survive.

The Adriatic Sea is the life giver and home to the last 220 or so bottle-nosed dolphins in the area. Consequently, the Istrian SUP Challenge is aiming to raise awareness to help save the dolphins home and to raise funds to help save their lives.


Supporting the team!

Starboard is so proud to be supporting this expedition. So, if like us you are inspired and want to support the team here are some ways you can help…

Take a listen to the song created by the incredible artist SEOM and team who recorded this project purely on a voluntary basis. The team will be releasing the video to the song this Friday. Get ready to share it with your friends to spread the word!



Wear your support. Show the world the beautiful artwork made by Sonni Hönscheid by purchasing an item from the Guardians of the Seas range. With every single purchase, you’ll be supporting the team as 100% of the profits will go to

Save the Dolphins T-Shirt
Save the Dolphins T-Shirt


We will share updates over the weekend on Starboard Blue Life

Good luck team!