International SUP Clean Up on World Ocean Day

May 29, 2019 | BY Johanna Hector

Paddlers keep the waters clean


Stand up Paddlers appreciate exercise in nature and collect trash in many places on and off the water.

The campaign SUP Clean up by SUPscout and Starboard¬†takes this year’s World Ocean Day as an occasion to organize the biggest German SUP Clean up event.
By now we already have 38 SUP Stations in Germany and 1 in Italy that are going to participate. Together we are going to clean up lakes, rivers and the coastline.
Everybody can join one of the stations or even to sign up another clean up station in your area.

Starboard provides free trash pickers that are attached to the paddles for all participants of the campaign.

trash picker

“With this campaign we want to motivate more people to address the plastic pollution in our waters and send a signal even beyond our sport”, says the founder of SUPscout Kati Tiedgen.
The map on their website shows all the stations that have signed up for the clean-up already. But you don’t need to be based in Germany or have your own SUP station to participate.

Any private person in any country can sign up or organise their own clean-up.

“In Bavaria cleaning up our nature has a long tradition and together with a team it’s actually a lot of fun.
I hope that this campaign will spread awareness that trash and especially plastic should never be dumped in nature.” says Eliane Droemer from Starboard Germany.

Trash Hero X Starboard School of Sustainability

In Sattahip, Thailand we are organising a big event with SUP lessons, a beach clean-up and lots of other activities. Kids and adults can enjoy watersports and learn more about how to protect our planet.

If you want to join or sign up for a clean-up with Starboard Germany and SUPscout, please click here.

If you want to organise a clean-up in any other country please get in touch with your local distributor or closest SUP station or simply create a Facebook event and gather all your friends.

Wherever you are, you can contribute to making our planet cleaner on any day.
On World Ocean Day you get the chance to be part of an international movement. Have fun on the water and do your part for the environment!

You can read more about our Trash Hero clean-ups and our Plastic Offset Program by clicking on the links.