Happy World Oceans Day

Jun 8, 2018 | BY Frida Ongre

From all of us at Starboard to all of you paddlers, wind junkies, surfers, groms and legends alike, out there, we wish you a happy World Oceans Day! All those who share a passion for watersports, share a passion for the oceans. It’s our big blue playground and we see first hand what is happening to it everyday.

Every minute one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into the ocean. Humans are so addicted to plastic that we produce 78 million tons of plastic packaging every year, and one third of it floats around in the oceans. Why do we let this happen?

Happy World Oceans Day

Isn’t it up to each one of us to keep the oceans alive? Isn’t it our responsibility to not drown in our own plastic addiction? Every time we purchase something, can we vote with our wallets by choosing products that have a lower plastic and carbon footprint? Can we say no to single-use plastic? Can we chat with shops and even talk with local government representatives to step up the plastic regulations?

Let’s guard our oceans with all the power and intelligence we humans have, and prove to the species we share the planet with, that we, despite our current lack of knowledge, still have the ability to create a truly magic future ahead of us. Let’s accelerate all the positive work that all of us are capable of doing and recover our connection with our very own environment.

Happy World Oceans Day

Let every day be Oceans Day.