Breathe Deep this World Environment Day (Wednesday, 5 June)

Jun 5, 2019 | BY Tasmin Chilcott

How is your breathing today?


With today being World Environmental Day and this year’s focus on air pollution, this shouldn’t be the only day you think about the question above. On the flip side, it could be the day a seed is planted into your mind. Sparking off the idea that you want that breath of fresh air more and more until you want to activate a change. To help you breathe deep and full when you are paddling, windsurfing or stretching after your session.


So maybe, this year that seed could become a real-life sapling that you can plant?


world ocean day 5 june 2019 air pollution plant a tree

Would you rather a full breath of fresh air from an ocean, a forest, mountain top? Or, a take a breath from the side of your closest busy road to you right now? Easy decision.


At the moment our Earth, as a whole, is struggling to breathe, take a look at the video below from NASA showing how CO2 is moving around. The whole Earth is taking its breaths from the atmosphere that we are polluting. Imagine us breathing on the side of the busy road like we have no choice. But, unlike the earth, we do and we can help make this better by changing our lifestyle, cycling more, altering our flying and eating habits, using renewable energy, or offsetting our emissions. These steps may take a little more time to consider and adapt to our lifestyles.



However, let’s take this World Environment Day, grab it with our green hands and use it as an opportunity. As individuals, you could absorb a part of your CO2 impact this month on this World Environment Day.

You may know that Starboard has been offsetting its Carbon Emissions since 2017 by planting CO2 sequestering mangroves in Myanmar. Right now, we are calling for you as individuals, families, teams, or dynamic duos to get your hands muddy and get planting a tree yourself!

Whether it’s an easy Eucalyptus tree in Australia, a Carbon Dioxide super absorber Spekboom tree in South Africa or a blustering Birch tree in Spain. Each and every plant absorbs CO2.

Let’s get active this World Environment Day and make a difference close to your heart, at home!