Become a Trash Hero

Aug 27, 2018 | BY Albert Font de Rubinat

These are really exciting times for our friends at Trash Hero, whose work impacts and influences others by bringing communities together to clean and reduce waste here in Thailand and the World over, and haven’t stopped growing.




For those who don’t know Trash Hero, Trash Hero is a non-profit organization with the main mission of bringing communities together to clean, reduce waste and create awareness.

Trash Hero tackles waste in the environment, but also at its source. Their programs are action-based and inclusive, engaging the whole community to clean their environment and reduce their consumption of throwaway plastic.

“We pick up trash. Whether a cigarette butt in the sand or 2,000 km from an island beach – if we see it, we clean it! And we motivate others to do the same.”
– Trash Hero


This picture exemplifies the purpose of Trash Hero. A motorbike taxi driver helping out the Trash Hero volunteers during a clean-up in the city of Bangkok.




We at Starboard, have been supporting the Trash Hero for a few years now – acting as a centre for the Bangkok chapter, helping organise weekly clean-ups, supporting their projects, and using our Stand Up Paddleboards to pick up trash from the local waterways.




Starboard is actively collaborating with a lot of NGO’s but we would like to give a special mention to Trash Hero because of their capacity of engaging people. Having an action-based philosophy – We pick up trash. Whether a cigarette butt on the sand or 2,000 km from an island beach. If we see it, we clean it! And we motivate others to do the same. – Trash Hero has brought 104.185 volunteers together, organized 3624 cleanups and removed almost 600 tons of garbage from beaches and cities.



We believe that every one of us can be a Trash Hero. Follow the useful links below to learn more, find the nearest chapter and don’t forget to join the next cleanup!